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Norway Reports that Zero Children Died from Car Accidents in 2019

In 2019, Norway reports that zero children have died from car accidents for the entire year! Even with a population of 5.87 million, that is a staggering statistic considering the United States recored 675 car deaths of children 12 years old and younger in 2017. The United States population is around 325 million, nearly 60 times that of Norway, but the rate of car deaths is nearly 600 times more!

“We are good at securing our children by car, but I wish we were just as good at securing the adults. Our analyzes of the fatal accidents show that 33 percent of all people killed in a car have not used seat belts. Many of these would have saved their lives if they had worn seat belts, Hovland believes.’ – Director Ingrid Dahl Hovland of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Norway saw only 110 deaths from traffic accidents in 2019, which is two more than 2018. Based on their population, that is a 0.002% death rate from traffic which is staggering compared to the United States which is 0.01% based on 2016 deaths and population!

We are not satisfied that we will not lower death figures further. Behind every accident there is a tragedy that affects family, friends, colleagues and communities, says Ingrid Dahl Hovland.

We must therefore significantly strengthen our efforts in road safety work in the years to come. It is far before we are where we need to be, says Jan Johansen, Director of Trygg Traffic.

Reminders on how to best secure your children in the car.

  • Tighten the belt over the shoulder and hip.
  • Make sure the belts are not above the belly, under the arms or behind the back for the sake of comfort.
  • Frequently check that the seat belts are positioned correctly as children grow.
  • Take off heavy jackets and snow suits before putting them in their seats.
  • Check for heavy items that are loose in the car that can become projectiles in a crash.

Our most important weapon is knowledge. We analyze all fatal accidents, and this knowledge allows us to put in measures that we know work and have a great effect. The work will continue systematically and long-term on a broad front with unabated strength, says road director Ingrid Dahl Hovland.

Translated from: NRK

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