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Pick Truck Skids Through Concrete Causing $30,000 Worth Of Damage – Driver Arrested

A driver has been arrested in the US for causing $30,000 worth of damage when he drove over wet concrete. It took place in Portland, Oregon, on Valentine’s Day, but the arrest was made Tuesday 4 March.

As you can see from the video below, the white pickup was driven up to the edge of the cordoned-off area before it was accelerated through the concrete at pace. The truck then skids through the concrete leaving eep tyre marks behind it. The driver, Richard Reed, is said to be 28 years old.

Assistant Chief Mike Frome said: “This is an egregious case of public property damage and I want to thank Central Precinct Officer Peter Braun for his efforts in identifying and capturing the individual responsible.”

Speaking to KOIN, a local resident named Amy Koski said: “The drivers drive around you on the left-hand side, they zoom up and down 40 or 50 miles an hour. And all of our neighbours, we call every day and we call 911 when there’s reckless drivers, and (the police) just never show up.”

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