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This Is Polestar’s First Electric Super-Volvo

Polestar spent many years acting as Volvo’s AMG, pumping up their models, painting them the industry’s best shade of blue, and saying they could compete with BMW. But fundamentally, they were still just that–Volvos–and so they had a lot of trouble against the established players. Since then, though, Volvo has been sold and bought, and is churning out some of its best cars ever under the ownership of Chinese conglomerate Geely. Volvo then announced their intention to spin Polestar off as its own brand, taking Volvo’s electric dreams and applying them to much sportier cars.

Volvo teased the first standalone Polestar by posting a series of cryptic partial images on the Polestar Instagram account, which form the above image when ordered correctly and placed in a grid. The most obvious thing, even accounting for the missing tiles, is that Polestars probably won’t deviate very far from the Volvos on which they’re based; the above car looks pretty much like an S90 with black accents.

The big draw for Polestar is the aforementioned electrification. Volvo’s committed to hybridizing or EV-ing their entire lineup within a couple years, and the former will stick only to four-cylinder engines. Polestars will likely be all-electric, meaning we could conceivably see a version of the big, comfy S90 that can accelerate like a Tesla Roadster. Now, current Volvos aren’t cheap, so Polestars won’t be either, but if they’re priced competitively to other electric cars (pretty much just Tesla, actually) and can appeal to the same buyers, they have a decent chance of taking a bite out of the Musk market. As long as they don’t take eleventy-five hours to charge.

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