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Porsche Financial Report Reveals Surprise Best Seller

Bad news for all you Porsche fans out there: The german company’s bestselling model is neither the 911 nor the Boxster. It’s not even a sports car at all. As Inside Track on Drivetribe shows referring to Porsche’s recent fiancial report, it is in fact the Porsche Macan – a briskier version of the Cayenne.

An SUV is the most popular model of a sports car manufacturer

Although Porsche started out as a manufacturer of sports cars, their bestseller is an SUV. How can that be? Let’s take a look at the numbers first. In 2016, Porsche sold 237,778 cars total. Thereof 95,642 were Macans, almost half of their total sales. Also, Porsche disposed of 70,867 Cayennes in 2016. Only 15,240 Spiders, 23,620 Boxsters and 32,365 911s got sold in the same year. This means that less than one third of Porsche’s sales in 2016 were actual sports cars.

But maybe this actually ain’t so bad. As Inside Track reasons, the sales of Porsches sports cars are still pretty decent. They also have gone up a little since 2015. Anyway, for Porsche enthusiasts the high SUV sales might actually be a good thing. They do make Porsche a profitable company and allow them to continue working on their branch of sportsters. Therefore, maybe we should thank the dentist’s wife next door for buying a Porsche SUV. At least, she makes the Porsche 911 possible, right?

What do you make of this? Did you perhaps own a Macan yourself? Tell us in the comments down below.

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