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Porsche Looks To Secret F1 Powertrain For Its Next Hypercar

As Porsche considered a 2021 Formula 1 entry before eventually withdrawing, they had started work on a six-cylinder engine that was up to the task of open wheeled racing against some of the world’s strongest manufacturers. This engine was F1-ready, but its future was not set in stone.

Recent reports are now saying that Porsche is looking back at this powertrain and is interested in brushing away the cobwebs and placing it into a new halo car, which would take the place of the Porsche 918 Spyder.

Porsche Looks To Secret F1 Powertrain For Its Next Hypercar

Anything official is yet to be heard from the German manufacturer, despite them hinting at this project more than a few times. If it goes through however, we could be looking at a competitor to the Aston Martin Valkyrie, with the Porsche likely to wield a similar F1-inspired hybrid powertrain.

Autocar was keen to add a statement from a source which may rule out the possibility of this being an EV car, however, after “new-found standards in EV weight, efficiency and range potential” haven’t  brought the best results.

More likely, this Porsche will become one of three F1-derived hypercars alongside the Valkyrie mentioned before and the Mercedes AMG One, each with hybrid power and a focus on aerodynamics and track driving. The new Holy Trinity of cars may be upon us, and this, we’re incredibly excited for.

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