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The Future Of The Grand Tour Revealed by James May And Richard Hammond

With the recent shakeup of the theme and structure of The Grand Tour, the future of the popular Amazon car show has been questioned heavily by fans with many wondering if it’s soon to be coming to an end. But in a recent interview with Radio Times and a host of other press, presenters Richard Hammond and James May have opened up about their future plans alongside Jeremy Clarkson.

Obviously, the previous episode of The Grand Tour was set in England due to the pandemic restrictions. The upcoming episode, Carnage A Trois, will be the same. But with the pandemic restrictions slowly loosening, the trio is interested in “experimenting and exploring” more ideas.

“We will be able to travel again now because like [for] everybody else, that’s been rather off the cards.

“It’s a bit of a disadvantage if you’re called The Grand Tour and you can’t travel, so it will be quite nice to dust our passports off.  This is the longest certainly my passport has been in my desk drawer for over 25 years.

“So we’re exploring various options to get out and back on the road but we’ve really enjoyed making these two films without going so heavy on the travel, because instead of focusing on that side of it, we’re focusing instead on the story and making quite a dense programme with a lot of stuff in it and I think that has been to the benefit of it.

“It might be something that actually influences us as we go forwards making the next specials when we do travel again.”

James was asked where he’d like to go next:

“Ideally somewhere we haven’t been yet. We do have some partially-formed ideas on the back burner which we were working on before COVID stopped everything.

“I can’t tell you what they are yet because we haven’t quite decided but to be honest, I don’t mind where we go. On a personal level, I prefer warm places to cold places. But the objective of Grand Tour is not for us to have a holiday, it’s to entertain the viewers.

“So if that meant going somewhere cold where we were all miserable, then I think the people watching the show would enjoy that. So to be honest, anywhere where we can tell a good story. I’m not that fussy.”

Where do you want to see The Grand Tour going in the future? Let us know in the comments.

The Grand Tour Presents: Carnage A Trois will launch Friday 17th December on Amazon Prime Video. 

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