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Reports State Michael Schumacher May No Longer Be Bedridden

Five years have passed since Michael Schumacher was rushed to hospital after sustaining head injuries from a skiing accident. And while we haven’t heard anything official from his family or his management team, we have accepted that he is obviously in a bad way.


Latest reports on this have been somewhat good news for the legendary Formula 1 driver, though, who is said to be not bedridden anymore. Apparently he is now living in the main body of his mansion with close family. Hopefully this means his condition is a lot better than we initially thought.

If you believe other reports, he is going to be travelling to a clinic in Dallas, Texas, that specialises in treating brain injuries.

“We have a lot of experience with patients who are suffering this kind of trauma.There is probably no clinic in Europe that treats as many cases as we do,” says the clinic’s director, Mark Weeks.

Schumacher totaled 91 wins during his F1 history while driving for Jordan, Benetton, Ferrari and Mercedes. And he is still said to be one of the most successful and greatest drivers in the world. An off-piste accident in Mirebel has meant that he hasn’t been seen by the public for years, however. We wish him all the best and let’s hope that each day his condition is improving.

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