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Richard Hammond: Redditor Explains Why He Doesn’t Like the Hamster

It’s not unusual to have your favourites. Your favourite wine, a favourite movie, a favourite child of yours (you know it’s true). It’s definitely not unheard of to have a favourite presenter. I’ve personally taken a shine to James May – his Man in Japan show on Amazon was just so good – and we’ve hosted countless polls on Facebook for you to give us the opportunity to tell us yours. Well, The Grand Tour’s Richard Hammond is now under fire as a Redditor tells us exactly why he’s gone off the one and only Hamster.

Here’s what he said:

As maybe the biggest Top Gear/TGT fan in the world…I doubt there is a single episode, special, or stand alone movie that I haven’t watched 20x or more. I say this only to establish that my opinion has taken a long time to develop. I never used to think much about it honestly. I liked Hammond and his unique ways and sense of humor. And in a lot of ways, I still do.

But that said, he gets all over my nerves lately. I think the main episodes that really forced me to admit it are the two Perfect Road Trip specials and the episode of TGT where they do an actual Grand Tour of Italy and Hammond brings the Dodge. I totally sympathize with May here. He annoyed me to no end. I know it was embellished and played up on purpose… But I’ve had friends like that in real life and I wanted to strangle them. He hates any food that isn’t McDonald’s, and has no interest in items of culture or art….

Richard Hammond's new Morgan Plus Six

Actually let me say here and now,I don’t know how much of this is a character he plays and how much of it is actually his personal character. Am I the only one who feels this way? Maybe I’m just getting older or his bit is wearing thin on me. I don’t know. Just someone tell me I’m not the only one who has gotten tired of him.

I’ll also add, I love it when him and May do things on DriveTribe like the drunk Lego build and the pieces he does by himself like the BTCC film he did on old Top Gear come to mind. I don’t know. I’m waffling. He just annoys me lately. Haha.

We’re not quite sure it’s a good idea to express why you don’t like someone on a public forum, so we won’t be taking part in that, but we’d love to know who your favourite ex-Top Gear presenter is right now. We know, it constantly changes, but we’d love to hear your current thoughts!

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