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Right-Hand-Drive Chevrolet Corvette C8 Coming to UK and Japan

Chevrolet Corvette C8 fans in the UK and Japan should be getting excited as GM has just confirmed that it will offer a right-hand-drive Corvette C8. This will be a first for the brand with its traditional left-hand-drive offerings. With no manual gearbox being offered in the C8, this likely aided in Chevy’s relocation of the steering components and two pedals to the right (or wrong) side of the car. With GM recently killing the Holden brand, no one is sure if the C8 will make to the Land Down Under during its global pursuit.


“In terms of Australia, we’re still working through potential plans,” Senior Manager of Chevrolet Cars and Crossovers Communications Kevin Kelly said in an email according to Autoblog. “Yes, we do still plan to manufacture the RHD Corvette,” Kelly said. “We have announced plans to sell the RHD Corvette in Japan and U.K. markets.”

While all we really know at this point is that the right-hand-drive will be offered, no word on how many units will be produced for the global market. It could take the world by storm and dominate the previously untapped or underserved markets for American muscle cars. Regardless, buyers in the UK and Japan should definitely go out and scoop these up as soon as they become available.

With the production of the C8 starting production not long ago, it won’t be long until we find the American supercar on home soil very soon.

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