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New Ferrari 812 Superfast Spied and Recorded On The Track

There have been rumors of a Speciale version of the Ferrari 812 circulating on the Ferrari Forums for the last year or two. A naturally aspirated V12 track car, which would be somewhat of a swan song for Ferrari’s NA legacy.

Now it seems like Youtuber Varryx caught a likely prototype on camera driving around a Ferrari test-track. From the looks and sound of it, this very well could be the long-awaited 812 Versione Speciale or even GTO, depending on nomenclature.

Compare the first pass done by a regular 812, with the next car. The mysterious model has a modified body, with closed off side sills, rounded bumpers, a different front intake, and different bodywork on the rear end. Notably, the rear diffuses look especially… different.

The mystery car also sounds much “meatier” with especially vibrant low end noises and aggressive downshifts. This very well could be the product of a rehashed 6.5L V12. According to rumors, the new engine would have 850 horsepower, over the older 812 horsepower variant. It would also rev higher than even the LaFerrari, surpassing 9,000 rpm.


We may have known more about this new edition of the 812, if the Geneva Motor show wouldn’t have been cancelled. Looking at Ferrari’s history of special versions of their cars, we’d expect a limited run of under 1,000 which would be priced somewhere in the ballpark of $1 million

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