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Set Up Your Own Track Day With This Handy Guide

Ever wanted to pit your skills on a real-life Formula one track, or see whether your motor has what it takes to beat the best track times? Well, then what you want is a track day, and in the post below, you will find out all the details you need to organise one. 

What to expect from a track day 

Before you begin organizing your track day, you will want to have a good idea of what to expect. Of course, each provider tends to have a certain way of doing things, but generally, you can expect a full day where you will be expected to sign in and have a safety briefing before beginning. 

Once you have handed over your licence and listened to the safety take, you will be able to get to the nitty-gritty of your track day. Yes, that’s right, doing laps of the circuit in your chosen vehicle(s). Although it is worth bearing in mind that some tracks will offer sighting laps as well. That is a lap or two where you go slow and get to assess the track and the vehicle you are using. You can also expect a break for lunch with some providers offering food there, while others will expect you to bring your own. 

Find your perfect circuit 

Now you know what to expect from a track day you will need to locate the circuit you want to race around. Happily, there are plenty of tracks in the UK to choose from. Although your experience with track racing should dictate the one you ultimately pick. 

The reason for this is that tracks like Oulton and Cadwell Park can be a lot riskier for beginning drivers to use. This is because they have less ‘run-off-off’ around the corners. That is there is less free space on the corners of the track in case you lose control or do not manoeuvre correctly. 

Tracks more suited to beginners include Snetterton and Silverstone. Donington Park is a good bet too, as all have larger ‘run off’ areas that will help to keep you as safe as possible. 

The cost of track days 

Once you have an idea about where you would like to race, it’s time to consider the costs involved. Of course, track days don’t tend to be cheap, but there can be significant variation in the prices you can expect to pay. For example, some track days may be as little as £150. 

However, the lower the cost, the higher the number of other cars you can expect on the track. With that in mind, it is often well worth investing a little more in a premium experience, so you can really get that race day feel. 

Choosing the car you will use 

For many, the most important aspect of any race day is the car or cars they will get to drive. Happy, there is a vast selection to choose from including road, race and supercars. The great news is that many tracks offer the chance to drive more than one in a day, so you can fulfil all of your motoring dreams in a single session. 

Of course, the only exception to this is if you have your own vehicle that you would like to race on the track. Now, it has to be said that many people don’t pick this option because of the strain it can place on their engine, tyres and breaks. Then there is always the risk of an accident which could be devastating if it’s your own vehicle. 

However, for some, the thrill of opening up their vehicle and getting it up to max speeds is the ultimate goal. If this is the case for you, make sure to check with your track provider that this is a service they offer before booking your day. 

Also, remember that you may need to find a lorry rental service to transport your vehicle too and from the track. Finally be sure that you have the correct insurances to drive your vehicle on a race track, too just in case something does go wrong. 


Lastly, while we are on the topic of insurance it’s pretty important to make sure that you are properly covered, whether you are driving your own vehicle or one that the track has supplied. 

The reason for this is that while as safe as possible when driving at speed accidents are more likely to happen. Therefore you must make sure both you and your finances are properly protected before embarking on the adventure of a track day.

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