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Single Mum Gifted Car By KFC After Walking 3 Miles To Work Each Day For A Year

After over a year of walking three miles to her place of work, KFC, single mother Crystal Lachance in Salem, Ore, has been gifted a 2014 Dodge Avenger after her boss entered her into a draw.

“I went to work this morning and got surprised with a brand new car apparently my boss Miranda entered me in a drawing a few months ago and I won this brand new car,” Lachance wrote in a Facebook post. “A big thank you to KFC, Dave, and my favorite boss ever Miranda!!!!”

Marston, manager of Lachance and friend, nominated her for a wish granting initiative called Kentucky Fried Wishes which can allows KFC employees to get help with “an education, in crisis situations and with personal finance.”

Last Tuesday, KFC surprised Lachance with a new car to make her journey to work easier, despite her not asking for any help. She told WTPS that the walk to work “wasn’t fun. It’s actually pretty scary at night,” and “[my son has] been going through some stuff because I’m a single mom. I’ve had to take him to daycare, pick him up, do school work, dinner, shopping.”

The icing on the cake for Lachance was when the $2,000 savings she’d managed to hold on to were stolen.

“I just really appreciate Crystal so much and seeing her struggle with things really got to me,” said Martson told local news station. “I don’t ever want to see anyone struggle or go through a hard time.”

Having a car gives Lachance much more freedom to further her and her child’s life. We wish them both the best!

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