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Jeremy Clarkson Argues With Monty Don Over Killing The UK’s Deer

The Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson has fired back against gardening expert Monty Don after he suggested reintroducing wolves to Britain.

The BBC’s host of Gardeners’ World, Monty Don, said that reintroducing wolves to Britain would help combat the rising population of deer destroying Britain’s vegetation. Clarkson, however, had a better idea at how we can put a halt to “bambi” and you can probably guess what that is. 

Clarkson said, “if I want to stop Bambi from eating my trees, it’s better to shoot him…” The new addition to Britain’s elite gardeners has seemingly changed stance on a lot of important issues including climate change. He’s got a point, reintroducing wolves seems like a very drastic step with some possible negative side effects. Clarkson’s response to Monty is below. 

“Monty Don, the smooth-voiced gardener with the voluminous corduroy trousers, reckons that Britain is home to far too many deer. He says that Bambi is eating all the trees and that if nothing is done to check the numbers, Britain’s woodlands will soon be completely destroyed.”

Clarkson is not denying that there is a growing problem of deer damaging the vegetation, he went on to say:

“I agree with that but I’m not sure that his suggested solution will work very well… Because he wants us to reintroduce wolves, I like a good wolf as much as the next man but only so long as it’s in Canada or Finland. Not hiding in the hedge at the bottom of my garden.”

Clarkson brings up a good point, do we really want wolves right outside our doors? After recently opening his own farm, Diddly Squat, Clarkson has been more vocal than ever on pressing environmental issues. Clarkson added that he would enjoy the animal “in a pot” with “onions, celery, red wine and stock”. I’m sure we will hear more of what Clarkson has to say when his new Amazon show I bought a farm is released.

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