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Tesla Model X Plaid Delivered With Mismatched Tyres And Other Serious Quality Issues

Receiving a new car shouldn’t be a stressful thing. In fact, for the majority of people but most definitely us car nuts, it’s better than Christmas. But what would you do if you opened up a Christmas present to find that it was built with sub-par materials and parts, to the point where using it could potentially be dangerous?

That’s exactly what happened to Ethan Joseph, a man who paid $131,190 for a Tesla Model X Plaid only to find on its arrival – months after the initial purchase, that the high-powered SUV was fitted with mismatched tyres along with a number of other quality control issues.

Joseph took to Twitter to voice his concerns and it’s no surprise that the initial post went viral as car enthusiasts couldn’t believe what happened.

The car came with Michelin Latitude Sport 3 summer tyres at the front measuring in at 255/45R20, but at the rear it was fitted with Continental CrossContact LX Sport touring all-season tires with completely different dimensions of 275/45R20.

On top of this the car had misaligned panels, marks on both the interior and exterior, and the inside of the car actually needed cleaning because it was so dirty on arrival.

Joseph obviously rejected the delivery of the car, but Tesla came back to him with a new delivery date of July later this year, a whole 11 months after the order was placed. But after making some noise on Twitter, Tesla searched for a car of the same spec that had a cancelled order so it could be delivered much sooner.

This kind of quality issue is inexcusable, and we hope Tesla look at this issue.

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