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The 2021 Ford Bronco’s Best Design Features

The 4×4 market is popping off in a big way with the reveal of Ford’s new Bronco. As Jeep has been teasing their V8 Hemi Wrangler, Ford has been fighting back with quirky and well-place design quirks.

In the same way that FCA has been injecting fun “easter-eggs” into their models for years, it seems like Ford has done the same with the Bronco, so let’s take a look. Obvious standouts like the new grille are great, but for now lets focus on the little things.

Starting from the back, in the same vein as the Jeep jerrycan inspired tail lights, Ford has given the Bronco “B” shaped rear-indicators.

These will no doubt let everyone behind you know exactly what you’re driving, especially at night.

Even though the new Bronco’s trunk doesn’t open in the same flip-down tailgate manner as the OG, it still has a very unique tray that extends outward.

After you swing open the tailgate, the tray can be telescoped out from the trunk, and when it does it’s a clear copy of the 60s original.

If you take a look in the backseat, you are treated with these clever carabiner-ready grids. Where normal cars have a pouch or netting, the Bronco has both a net and these rugged latching points.

Just a couple inches over, you have the center console. On these consoles you have the “no step” warnings, which will no doubt be ignored, but give a sense of laconic utility.

How could we not bring up the door notches? They are as quirky as quirky gets, and will surely be divisive, but also will cool your legs.

While the argument over these cut-outs versus the Jeep’s removable doors will surely go on for decades, I like the bold approach the Bronco takes. Expect to see all the surfer dogs in town hanging out of these peep-holes come 2021.

Hopefully none of you tease me for this, but I love handles.

The strange positioning of the column handle in these Broncos, begs the question if it will ever be used. I don’t really care, because this handle looks sweet. Presumably the colors will match your trim.

We’ve got to talk the Gopro pegs. It makes sense, especially for your phone.

I’m skeptical of how many people will actually fit Gopro cameras to their car, but even if they don’t the rails will look utilitarian. In a sense, these rails are handles… for your gadgets.

Lastly, the mounting points above the headlights. As you can see, they’ll be great for securing Christmas trees. Possibly even deer, if you’re into that sort of thing.

That wraps up my presentation, thank you for enjoying the quirky new Bronco. Please trade in your Wrangler, as I’d love to see more diverse 4x4s driving around. Next, we need Jeep to respond with a beefed up Renegade!

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