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The Best Amazon Car Shows Ranked: The Grand Tour To The Gymkhana Files

Amazon Prime Video is a content powerhouse, slowly building one of the largest collections of original car and racing content available on streaming sites. But with so much to choose from, it can be time-consuming to sieve through all the company has to offer. So take a load off as we talk you through the best of Amazon from Jeremy Clarkson’s The Grand Tour to Ken Block’s Gymkhana Files.

5. Le Mans: Racing Is Everything

Following the 2015 series of 24 Hours Of Le Mans, Le Mans: Racing Is Everything covers the behind the scenes of the legendary racing series through six, 30-minute episodes.

It covers a number of teams and individuals, including Janen Mardenborough, who became a driver for Nissan after winning the “Nissan PlayStation GT Academy”. Mark Weber also makes an appearance as he attempts to take his first win at Le Mans, and Audi’s LMP team features heavily.

But, unlike Truth in 24, which may as well be sponsored by Audi, this show is a well balanced and informative program that gives a great top-down look at the engine of the sport.

If it doesn’t make you want to start racing after watching it, you may be on the wrong website.


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