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The Ford Focus RS is Cancelled Thanks To Growing Emissions Requirements

Due to the tightening of both emissions requirements in Europe, and the pursestrings at Ford for the development of an engine that would meet them, the Ford Focus RS will not be coming to life anytime soon.

Similar to the Ka+, which was scrapped due to the amount of money it would take Ford to make it meet emissions requirements in Europe, the new Focus RS just wasn’t going to make the mark for an acceptable cost. The Focus RS was shaping up to be a true challenger to Volkswagon’s Golf R before it was abandoned.

Whispers of an electric hybrid version that would top 400hp had many fans excited, and would have given even the A45AMG from Mercedes a run for its money, as well as the upcoming Nissan 400Z and Toyota’s much-loved Supra.

Alas, Ford has decided to take their ball and go home.  One can only hope that with all the extra time the engineers have, courtesy of the global pandemic, they are working diligently on figuring this out for a release later this year.  But I’m not holding my breath.


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