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Is This What The Future Of The Porsche 911 Looks Like?

When it comes to iconic sports cars, the Porsche 911 is one that is top of the list. It also has the crown as one of the most recognisable cars on the planet, whether it’s a new model or an old one, each and every one screams Porsche 911, this is mostly due to the design evolving over time rather than rapidly changing with each new release.

While the essence of the 911’s look will probably never change, each new design brings something new to the 911 brand while in-keeping with the history of the vehicle – however, now Paul Breshke, a concept artist from Poland, has unveiled his version of a futuristic 911 – and boy do we love it.

While looking totally unique, Breshke’s render is still very much a 911 at heart and he has actually integrated a number of past and present Porsche design elements which may not be obvious to the untrained eye. The headlights look to be inspired by those found on the brand new Porsche Taycan, the wheels, as un-Porsche like as they are, feature centre lock nuts which are synonymous with the German brand and the engine bay features an extraction fan much like you would see under the present day 911’s spoiler.

Breshke has been quoted as saying the following regarding the futuristic 911:

“The aim was to achieve a bit of a raw style which could refer to a CYBER world, but simultaneously to keep some soft surfaces to make the silhouette coherent. It was a hard task to do because the iconic stylistic of 911 for me is incredible and I did not intend to argue with it, I only wanted to present (the) Porsche model in a different light.”

Breshke doesn’t go into details about what his imagining has under the hood, but given the futuristic look of the car, and the way the industry is heading, we should imagine it’ll be all electric (even though it features exhaust pipes).

This incredible render isn’t limited to the exterior of the car either as Breshke has kindly and painstakingly designed the future 911’s interior too. As you can see, the cabin includes a centre console with a number of switches to control the likes of the parking break and drive mode functions, there is a start/stop button to the left of the steering wheel and a curved screen behind the wheel to give the driver all the information they could possible need while on the road.

We know this one is going to cause a divide between the new blood and the purists and we love when that happens – get debating in the comments people.

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