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The Honda S2000 Has Been Treated To A Modern Overhaul

Some of the best cars in the world, unfortunately, aren’t being built anymore. From the brilliant Toyota MR2 to the Fiat 850, we’d give anything to bring some of the greatest automobiles from the past and back to the future.

This is one thing we love about Sketch Monkey. He takes some of the greatest designs from the past and modernises them on his YouTube channel. His most recent is the sought after Honda S2000 – a sports car that, despite its age, still looks like it could roll off an assembly line today.

We’ve praised his work before multiple times, but how can we not feature an update of the S2000? The modifications to the tiny two-seater are minor, but the end result is something that appears to be contemporary. This 2021 version has smaller headlights, a larger lower grille, scallops on the doors, and bigger wheels. And while it may not need the update, we’re not complaining.

Let’s face it, the S2000 isn’t an old car. The final one rolled off the factory floor in 2009, and there are several other cars that are still in production from that era. The Dodge Charger for example hasn’t changed much since its sixth generation.

With a host of retro cars being brought back to life – see the new Nissan Z and the Integra – we’d love to see Honda bring back this special little car.

The S2000 was a driver’s car, with a strong manual gearbox and a chassis that would make the greatest of drivers twitch, it was one of the greatest driving cars of its time. This is one reason it’s retained its value to such an extent. Another reason? Well, its 2.0-litre naturally aspirated 4 cylinder was the most powerful of its kind. VTEC kicked in, yo!

These days, the world is looking towards all-electric cars to give us this kind of fun, and with the countdown to an all-electric future already ticking, Honda needs to move fast to bring us what we want. Or, should the S2000 become electric? Let us know in the comments.

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