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The Hyundai Kona Electric Is Possibly One Of The Greatest Looking EV On The Market

The new Hyundai Kona Electric is here, and the more I look at it, the more I love it. There’s no denying it has a bold front fascia, but the narrowed and angry DRLs mounted on the top curve nicely balances its curvy and happy styling. There’s something about it that looks welcoming, yet aggressive.


The previous Kona Electric was an impressive EV, and this update seeks to only build on the success of the former design. There are two batteries available: a 39.2kWh cheaper battery offers an adequate 189 miles of range, where a more expensive 64kWh option will extend that to 300 miles while giving you 201 horsepower to play with. And for those on the go, both of these batteries will charge from 10 to 80% in just an hour with a 50kW drip. A full battery will take 7 hours to charge, or overnight, with a standard wall charger fitted to your house.

Inside the car there are also a few updates, including a new digital display behind the steering wheel, and more connectivity options which will now allow you to manage the car’s charge via a phone app, plus the always useful Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on the infotainment system. There are new colours to peruse, too, boasting names such as Misty Jungle and Surfy Blue.

This update is looking to go on sale March next year, and while its price is still unconfirmed, we’re thinking something along the lines of low £30,000s.

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