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The Last Toyota GT86 Ever Built Has Now Been Sold – Goodbye GT86

The time has finally come for the Toyota GT86 to say goodbye, and while we mourn the loss of one of the greatest sports car to come from the Japanese marque, we’re waiting with open arms to welcome the car that will replace it: the GR86.

While some asked for more power in the form of a turbo, the GT86 (and sister Subaru BRZ) was always priased for its ability to make a spirited drive more exciting than most other cars on the road. This was down to its perfect weight distribution and low grip, low weight, low power ratio that seemed to compliment most drivers.

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Production of the car from the Ōta plant in Gunma Prefecture, Japan finished last year, and now the last of the GT86s have disappeared from Toyota dealerships. Toyota itself has confirmed this, officially ended the life of the car that span almost 9 years. In this time, they sold 7,500 units, making it a popular car of its segment.

With Subaru revealing the specification of its new BRZ, its specification will likely be shared with Toyota, so we can assume that the new GR86 will be producing 225bhp and 184lb ft of torque from the 2.4-litre flat-four engine announced to be powering the BRZ. While this isn’t a huge increase over the GT86, this boxer engine’s peak power comes lower in the rev range, meaning the power is much more accessible on the road.


Unfortunately for us in the UK, the BRZ won’t be making it to our shores, but we’re hoping the new GR86 will be available to the UK market. As far as well can tell, this will be the case, and we are very excited about this.

Alex Harrington

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