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The Next Gen Toyota GT86 Will “Surpass The Supra”

There’s only a month to go until the new Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ are unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show on the 24th of September. And it’s safe to say that we’re more than excited.

Despite falling sales, the GT86 and BRZ sports cars both became a beloved car to motoring enthusiasts with the focus being on the sweet chassis and fun-having over all-out performance. But there always comes a time in a car’s life where more power needs to happen, not only to keep up with competition, but also to please those who are ready for the next stage in their ownership experience.

The Next Gen Toyota GT86 Will "Surpass The Supra"

Toyota chief engineer Tetsuya Tada said that they want to make “a new 86 that surpasses the Supra. This is what the customer expects”.

Exactly what this means we don’t know, but with the car expected to have the 2.4-litre turbocharged powertrain from the Subaru Ascent where it produces 260bhp, it’s unlikely that this statement is in regard to power and torque. After all, independent dyno runs have been showing new Supras to produce 339hp at the wheels with 0-60mph runs coming in at 3.8, 0.3 seconds faster than Toyota’s official stats.

But where the Supra is designed to be more of a GT car, this leaves the GT86 to have its well known chassis dynamics improved to not only out-manoeuvre the Supra, but to also be more fun and intuitive than its shorter-wheel based cousin.

Toyota Supra

This is all speculation as of yet, but we’re very excited to see what the Japanese companies release as we edge closer to the show. there’s no doubt the new GT86 and BRZ will be faster than the outgoing model, but to what extent?

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