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The Radford Type 62-2 Looks Just As Good As It Goes With 600 Horsepower On Top Gear Video

After much buildup, Radford has regrouped with what’s safe to call a trio of pure brilliance, including designer Mark Stubbs, racing specialist Ant Anstead, and Formula One World Champion Jenson Button. But what do you get when you get some of the best in the businesses and rub them together The stunning Lotus Type 62-2 – coachbuilt by Radford – and the return of the legendary nameplate.

The Lotus Type 62-2 is a modern interpretation of the Lotus Type 62 race car from the ’60s, but because it’s designed for road use, this is a very special thing. Just take a look at the Top Gear video linked below:

The Lotus Type 62-2 is offered in three trim levels, with the base and modestly styled Classic utilizing the same standard supercharged 3.5-liter engine as the Lotus Evora, producing 430 horsepower.

The mid-level Gold Leaf edition, which you can see in the video, has a vintage design and a prominent “double ducktail” spoiler. It has upgraded pistons and camshafts for a horsepower output of 500 (373 kW).

The Type 62-2 JPS, also known as the John Player special, is the most powerful version of the Type 62. It has a one-piece front grille and chrome side vent surrounds on all models. Apart from its stunning appearance, it also offers the most power thanks to an upgraded supercharger and tune that raises its total output to 600 horsepower (447 kW).

The first look video from the YouTube department of Top Gear included an interview with Ant Anstead and Jenson Button, who walked us through their most recent supercar under the Radford name. The most intriguing portion of the discussion, however, was Anstead’s statement regarding Radford’s next creation.

The celebrity revealed that they have been working with OEMs, and aurprisingly, Radford’s next project will not be a sports car. It’s been rumoured that the next car will indeed be an SUV – following in the footsteps of most manufacturers who want to turn a profit – but watching the production and release of the Type 62-2, I’m sure it won’t be an SUV built for trips to the shops.

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