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The Switch To Green, Why Electric Cars Are Shaping Our Future

We seek to be successful in our lives and careers. From achieving a first class job, to buying the best items for our lifestyle; one of which includes a car. Our cars are status symbols, that is obvious. However, when we look deeper, it’s important to note that the cars that we choose will affect our lives in the years to come. When we make the decision to move cities or even countries, we may be moving to an area with newer regulations about the impact of climate change. Some cities across the world are already adopting a tax for those who still use traditional diesel and fuel. Therefore, the switch to electricity is inevitable. If you are moving to a ‘green city’, you may need to consider a reliable company to help you with your car relocation, such as CarsArrive Auto Relocation. 

The switch to green

Electric cars are now changing the roads of the country and the world with particularly quiet vehicles that do not need fuel at all. They charge at a variety of charging points around the country and of course at home, just like your mobile phone. Along with all this, they are able to swallow hundreds of miles between charges. Whilst the upfront cost of an electric car is considerably more, the long term money savings may just balance this cost out.  But aside from the initial dent in the wallet, what other benefits with an electric car bring to your life? 

Fighting air pollution 

It is estimated that in 2030, there will be a significant amount of electric cars on the road. This amount of vehicles can be of huge damage to the environment due to the toxins emitted from the exhaust during fuel burning or much less damage due to the use of electric propulsion. Already today it can be seen that hybrid cars are much less polluting and receive end-to-end support by many government bodies. The benefits of using a hybrid vehicle, for example, were extended this month for another two years. This benefit is intended for drivers who use an attached vehicle from work and choose a green vehicle that contributes to the environment. How does an electric vehicle contribute to the environment? Beyond the fact that the toxic gases are not emitted into the environment today some car companies offer another advantage for a sustainable future. You can reuse car batteries to store household energy generated from cellular panels in the home. The same battery that you removed from the electric vehicle after several years of supporting the vehicle, you can use to light the house with a power outage or just use less electricity coming to the house on cables and more cellular energy. Although this is still in its infancy, it is going to be part of a more sustainable future for all. 

A different quality of life – travel quietly 

Another advantage that electric vehicles have is their quiet operation. The incessant engine hum will now be replaced by a quieter sound, one you may not even notice. You can appreciate the music on the radio or make a call through a headset without the accompanying background noises. The reason for this is due to the different process in which the electric vehicle engine is operated which does not require particularly heavy and noisy mechanical activity. It offers a smoother and quieter ride, which can only be a positive.

Safety is paramount with electric 

Electric vehicles that do not run on flammable gasoline are much safer. The amount of faults in them is significantly low and is mainly focused on the digital parts of the vehicle that can be repaired by a suitable technician. In fact, very soon we will find that the garages of the new age will be much cleaner. Safety is also important inside the vehicle. The electrical mechanisms that allow the vehicle itself to operate also operate safety systems such as front and rear space monitoring systems, adaptive cruise control and a wide range of sensors designed to detect if there are pedestrians around the vehicle. In the coming years, of course, we will find that many accidents have been avoided thanks to these systems. 

Travelling non-stop 

Another significant advantage is the ability to travel from one side of the country to the other without recharging the vehicle. In the past, the rechargeable batteries in the vehicle were limited in the amount of miles they offered and did not allow for a continuous journey of four to five hours. Today, it is possible to drive at ranges of two hundred and fifty kilometers and even more without a second charge. In conclusion, electric vehicles are becoming an integral part of the roads and thanks to their many advantages it is possible that in two to three decades we will discover that petrol vehicles remain only as collectables.

Should I just get a hybrid car?

There are many options available for a hybrid car; in fact Mercedes and BMW both offer this and it is a good choice to learn to transition slowly. You don’t have to choose between the two, but you are still reducing emissions. For comparison, a hybrid vehicle combines a traditional car with an electric car. In practice, the combination is reflected in the fact that the hybrid vehicle has both rechargeable electric batteries and an internal combustion engine. When the batteries are no longer able to supply the energy to the vehicle, it switches to using the traditional engine. Moreover, there are different types of hybrid cars. At the tip of the fork, one can mention for example the difference between a Lite hybrid vehicle, a regular hybrid vehicle and a rechargeable hybrid vehicle (also known as a PHEV, or Plug-in hybrid). Under the hood, the difference is in the size of the batteries and the electrical system: the plug-in car has a large electric system that requires charging from a dedicated position, while in light or regular hybrid cars there are batteries that charge themselves while driving or standing – but to a limited extent. There is a lot of new information to swallow, but either way, there is a way to make the future more sustainable and even more fun, by looking at the wonderful world of electric.

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