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The Tesla Model S Could Be Replacing The Dodge Charger Police Car

Last year, the Fremont Police Force purchased a used Tesla Model S, and after experiencing the car first hand, have decided to look into replacing their 2007 Dodge Chargers with the all-electric vehicle.

The total cost of which would come to $65,925 per car after all the necessary modifications such as a light bar on the roof, push-bar bumper on the front and ballistic barriers to protect the officers within from gunfire. The price may well rise however, with other coming modifications.

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Compared to a standard car only costing $40,000, it’s hard to understand why they’d make the move. But Fremont Police HQ is already decked out with chargers and solar panels, and of course, everyone is out to please the polar bears.

“The electric patrol vehicle pilot program is an extension of the City’s clean technology and smart city initiatives to help make Fremont a more sustainable community,” said Fremont Police Captain Sean Washington. “Given that Fremont Police vehicle fleet is responsible for a total of 980 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually, this program has the potential to eliminate 10 percent of all municipal greenhouse gas emissions.”

So what do you think? Is it worth putting an EV in the police force? Especially when you take into account the likelihood of the lithium batteries causing an issue if the car is involved in any contact. However, the performance o the car is undeniably impressive. As is the range. Let us know what you think in the comments below or publish your thoughts on the GTN forum by clicking the big orange button.


Alex Harrington

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