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This Alpha Saga Estate Will Come With 300HP, AWD, And Retro Styling

The Saga Estate, the latest rendering from the Alpha Motor Corporation, is yet another illustration of what the electric car company is hoping to build.

This time, the company has focussed on practical driving, choosing a wagon body style that has been incredibly popular with gear heads over the last few years. They’ve called it an “adventure seeking crossover”, and told us that the design features lightweight aluminium body panels as well as LED headlights.

Its design is, frankly, gorgeous with a retro air to its flared arches, and a front fascia that reminds me of the Honda e. Up top, it has a panoramic glass roof to let you gaze up at the mountains you’re driving around, and it’s been raised slightly from its 17-inch wheels so you won’t be bothered by the odd speed bump or non-tarmacked car park.

Alpha is looking to offer an aerodynamic package that will include a number of downforce producing fins in the shape of a front splitter, rear diffusor, and larger sideskirts. An off-road version may also be on the way with tubular dampers and a higher ride height.

Moving inside the car, there’s a digital instrument cluster and a stand-alone infotainment system sat on a spacious dashboard. A retro-inspired radio, wood trim, and highly bolstered seats have also been used to accentuate how cool this car is. The Saga Estate is expected to offer 35 cu ft (991 litres) of cargo capacity.

Alpha tells us that the car is “intended” to have a dual motor setup powering all four wheels via an 85kWh battery. Range comes in at a hopeful 300 miles, and acceleration sits at 6.3 seconds to 60mph. From empty, 80% charge will take an hour. Apparently.

There have been no hints of when we should be expecting this model in the real world, but pricing is looking to be between $45,000 – $55,000 before any government incentives. Do we have high hopes that it’ll ever see the sun? No. But do we really want one? Yes, of course.

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