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This Custom Rat Rod 1934 Chevrolet Could Be Yours For $50

Is there anything more intimidating on the road than a rat rod? Nothing screams “get out my way” louder than an old American muscle car covered in rust and sporting upwards of four skulls, which is what when we saw that this classic Chevrolet rat rod was being raffled off, we couldn’t help but write about it.

What Actually Is This Monster?

The company raffling this car assures us that it’s built on a 1976 Chevy Blazer frame and axles, and under the hood sits a ’94 Chevy 454ci big block V8 mated to a 350 turbo transmission and a 203 transfer case. The body, though, comes from a 1934 Chevrolet four-door, but thanks to RS customs, the guys who built this behemoth of a car, it’s barely recognisable anymore.

With a suspension setup from a Blazer, it can handle most of what’s thrown at it on the open road. The Arizona-based custom shop gave it much larger tyres and aftermarket suspension to match its factory 8-inches of clearance, and now it’s one of the most intimidating and capable off-roaders in the state. It would have to be to warrant that huge spare tyre in the truck bed.

The name? they call it the Soul Chaser. Erie.

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How Do You Enter To Win, If You Want To?

The custom shop that made the truck is raffling it themselves, but it was later shared by larger Facebook pages. Click on the screenshot below to go to the Facebook page.

The build was done entirely by the custom shop and is now selling raffles for $50 each to enter to win. Seems a bit steep, but this really is one of a kind, and this should mean they make their money back on the build. If anyone here is interested, they’ll even look at shipping it for you. Fancy it?

We’re in no way affiliated with this company and have no connection to the raffle or vehicle. 

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