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This Ford Ranger Has The Front End Of A Mustang – And We Love It

The next-generation Ranger and Mustang are presently in development at Ford, with the former set to debut on November 24 and the latter likely in 2022 sporting a new powertrain. Before retiring gracefully, the T6 and S550, as they’re known by Blue Oval enthusiasts, have been connected at the hip to form something of pure brilliance.

The “What Ford” aftermarket shop is located in Thailand and specializes in the mixing of these two iconic cars. The custom build, as you can see above, is based on the outgoing Ranger with bulging fender flares added and matte black taillights, Force Off-Road black wheels wrapped in off-road rubber, and what appears to be an upgraded air suspension unit.

The unique face transplant with the pony logo in the center is perhaps the biggest change to take away. It has a similar grille to the Mustang as well as corresponding side air intakes, but the original headlights have remained. Despite this, What Ford has modified their innards to include three strips of LED daytime running lights to match those on the ‘Stang’s headlight assembly, with matching LED strips sitting below both on the bumper, as well.

The pony badges on the front fenders, as well as the twin white stripes reminiscent of the Shelby-badged version of one of the world’s most popular sports cars, round off the company’s efforts to strengthen the connection to the Mustang. It certainly appears to fit the bill, but we’d really love to see under the hood…

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