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Top Gear: Paddy McGuinness Was Banned From Driving After Being Caught “Mid Bonk” With Ex-Girlfriend

Paddy McGuinness, the 48-year-old host of BBC’s Top Gear, was discovered having s*x in a company vehicle with an ex-girlfriend by his own employer. The comedian has now explained how being caught in the thick of it got him in trouble.

Paddy has always been a huge car enthusiast, but it looks as though sometimes he’s more interested in who’s in the car after he admitted this in his new book, My Lifey.

Describing his escapades as “vehicle-based gymnastics”, he explains that he would have to wait in Vauxhall Astras and pick up trucks while working for a plant machinery supplier. Unfortunately, McGuinness was caught by the company’s area manager as he drove past his go-to spot in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

He explained that after this, he was banned from driving at work temporarily, saying the following:

“We had the seats back, mid-bonk, when the area manager drove past us,” he explained.

“I got into a bit of trouble for that.

“I was off driving duties for a while.”

He was eventually allowed back behind the wheel and eventually got the keys to a blue Peugeot that was used by a sales rep.

When he was a child, his father offered him driving lessons at just 11 years old, sparking his love for cars. And now, Top Gear is one of the most popular car shows on TV as Paddy presents alongside seasoned journalist Chris Harris and ex-cricketer Freddie Flintoff. This year, the show looks to be travelling to Iceland – the first time out of the country for a year or so now due to the pandemic.

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