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The Grand Tour: Richard Hammond Still Walking With Stick After Accident

It’s been reported that Richard Hammond, presenter of The Grand Tour which will be returning soon after Christmas, is still walking with sticks after his accident during the filming of Season 2.


Photos taken by Blitz Pictures have confirmed that Richard Hammond is still at least partly reliant on sticks after he fractured his knee during the filming of Season 2. Unfortunately we can’t show you the photos as they don’t belong to GTN, but you can click here to see them yourself.

The photos show Richard and his wife Mindy in London from Tuesday evening after what seems to be a day of shopping. He’s walking with a stick – possibly due to being on his feet all day in the capital city, so don’t believe he still uses a stick all the time.

As we’ve seen from The Grand Tour Season 3 trailer, he doesn’t use his stick during the clips we’ve seen.

Obviously though, his Rimac accident still has an effect on his life, so we of course wish him a good recovery and send our best wishes to him and his family.

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