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Toyota Supra Production Bumper Revealed

It seems as if we’ve been waiting half our lives for the Supra to actually be released. And while it’s still not in the dealerships, or even been seen properly in its entirety, we’ve been collecting more and more clues as to what it’s going to look like when it does finally arrive. Thanks to the Supra MkV Forum, we can now see the front of the car, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Tucked away in a transport trailer, the car was hidden under a sheet before this photo was taken. But now we’ve seen the final product, what can we conclude?

Straight away, the headlights are flat compared to the concept that was revealed earlier this year (below). It makes the front look much more similar to its predecessor and therefore better (in our humble opinion). The nose cone also features a much larger grill than the concept, ridding the front end of that hideous protruding nose, again adding to the original Supra look.

Look up over the front bumper and you’ll see that the bonnet has been changed drastically, too. No longer is there a transparent section letting light into the engine bay, and the overall shape of the bonnet has been altered too to match the changed centre of the bumper.

Even further up, the roof has retained its double bubble design, but the interesting mirror shape shown on the concept seems to havebeen replaced by a standard looking mirror. Not that we’r complaining – there is such a thing as over-engineering.

Overall, we’re enjoying the look of the new Supra especially as it’s toned down some of its concept car-like features. We just want to see it on the road now. Please.

It’s also worth noting that a Japanese magazine did show photos of the Supra over 10 months ago at the time of writing. While it couldn’t be confirmed that the photos showed the final design at the time, they have now been proven to be true.

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