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Toyota Returns To Forza Horizon With Mk4 Supra After Long Period Away From Games

You wanted it, and the Forza team have answered: Toyota is now officially back and available on Forza Horizon, beginning with the Mk4 Toyota Supra.

Toyota, and the Supra specifically, was sorely missed when Forza alerted us to the lack of the Japanese cars from its games. When users of the game started to complain, Toyota was quick to hit back with a tweet explaining how they didn’t stand by titles that “promote illegal street racing”. This, of course, was stupid.

The critical response from Twitter and the gaming community was crippling, so with its tail between its legs, they’re now returning with an update for Forza Horizon 4 on December 12. Pricing hasn’t been revealed, so we expect it to be a free DLC that everyone can play with. What a nice apology from Toyota.

With Toyota not being a part of the Forza games since 2016, they’ve only really been seen in full on Gran Turismo games. Obviously Toyota haven’t let us in on why it retreated from games apart from the recent tweet, so it’s good to see it slowly returning to take back the limelight.

Its return to the gaming world sparked humour between Tweeters, especially Need for Speed, who posted the following.

So tell us, are you going to be getting in the driver’s seat of a Supra any time soon?

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