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Toyota Reveals The Exhaust Sound Of Its Hydrogen Powered Corolla Racing Car

The internal combustion engine may be dwindling compared to its rapidly growing EV counterpart, but it isn’t dead yet. Car companies are starting to expand on their ideas, and Toyota has now developed a hydrogen-based combustion engine.

It creates next to no CO2 emissions whatsoever, apart from a very small amount of oil that combusts in the engine during driving. Along with this tiny bit of oil, the engine will “burn hydrogen while taking in oxygen in the air, as in the case with gasoline engines, a certain amount of NOx is created in the process”. It’s a three-cylinder, 1.6-litre engine, and feeds off the hydrogen made from renewable energy produced at the Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field in Japan.

While this isn’t a pure ICE, it does elongate the lifespan of our cylinder engines a little more, and it doesn’t in fact behave just like any other engine before it.

“It’s not as different (from normal gasoline-powered vehicles) as I had expected,” says racing driver Hiroaki Ishiura. “It feels like a normal engine. (If I’m not told anything) I’d probably think that this is one normal engine.”

Fancy giving it a listen? Take a look at the short video below of the Corolla in action and tell me you wouldn’t mind something similar in your car. And if you’re not such a fan of this technology, maybe you’ll be a fan of this Corolla having the same AWD system as the popular GR Yaris?

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