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Tuned Porsche Carrera GT Speeds Through Manhattan Crashing Into Numerous Cars

I’m sure the vast majority of us have played the Grand Theft Auto series, driving round in nice cars without a care in the world for the cars well being or the safety of others. That is all well and good in a video game, but when it comes to real life things get a little more serious.

In this truly ludicrous incident, a driver of a super rare Porsche Carrera GT Gemballa Mirage GT sped through Manhattan’s empty streets dangerously, crashing into multiple vehicles. Numerous witnesses at the scene have photo and video evidence of the debacle, including the Instagram video below – the driver smashed into several vehicles but just kept on going. It is believed that a security camera also recorded footage of the car hitting a parked van at high speed. The person driving the Carrera GT finally stopped at an intersection and was subsequently arrested by police.

The damage to the vehicle is extensive. The Gemballa tuned Carrera GT requires some extensive repairs and it goes without saying, the drivers insurance premiums will now be through the roof. Coolant is leaking from the vehicle, the windshield is shattered and the front fender on the passenger side is completely gone, leaving the suspension components and the wheel totally exposed. You could argue that the situation at the back of the car isn’t quite as bad, but we certainly aren’t going to do that.. a large section of the bumper is missing and both wheels are very bent, which would suggest the suspension has been destroyed.

In the below vehicle we can see the driver of the car getting out of the vehicle and the police arriving at the scene – in a spectacular turn of the events, the second video appears to show the driver back in the vehicle and attempting to drive away.. pure madness.

To see a regular Porsche Carrera GT is a rare enough spot but there are literally only a few of the Gemballa tunes editions around the globe and if we owned one, you can rest assured we would be giving it all the care and attention that it deserves.
This story is still developing and we will bring you updates as and when we get them. In the meantime, if you are lucky enough to own a Porsche Carrera GT Gemballa Mirage GT, don’t drive like you’re in a video game.. in fact, whatever car you drive, don’t drive like an idiot.

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