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Last Episode Of The Grand Tour Season 3 To Be ‘Profoundly Sad’

Season 3 of The Grand Tour, while starting late, has quickly come and by this time this coming Friday, will have ended. But this last episode is going to be a very special one according to Clarkson, who has expressed his feelings on Twitter.

He’s also described the last episode as ‘profoundly sad’, but said to those of you worrying that there won’t be another season (which we have confirmed) which he’s been working on it for a while now.

You can read our review on the latest episode of The Grand Tour where the trio travel across Mongolia in a car they made themselves. Clarkson apparently ‘hated’ filming it, but as fans have stated, as have us, it’s one of the greatest episodes so far.

Episode 13 will be a historic episode with it coming to a close with a memorial to the Ford Mondeo, which as a model, is being scrapped by Ford in the coming years.

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