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Turns Out The Dodge Demon Can Go Round Corners

Lighting crackles across the sky. A visceral whine in the distance, becoming louder, getting closer, tears your eardrums asunder. What could it be? A monster? A dragon?

Nope. It’s just a man from New Zealand in a hopped-up Dodge.

If you’ve ever wondered what the Dodge Demon is like when it’s not on a drag strip, Pennzoil is here to put your worries to bed. Turns out, it’s pretty much exactly like you’d expect it to be: screamy, smoky, and perpetually sideways.

Pennzoil’s “Exorcising the Demon” video (is that a double pun on the word “exercise?” Do cars even need exercise? Answer the real questions, Pennzoil) is meant to showcase the effect Pennzoil motor oil has on the Demon’s performance, and we can really see the difference it makes. When the car runs without oil, the engine’s power is greatly reduced and it often refuses to run at all. Pennzoil is right; adding that stuff in makes a world of difference.

To boot, we get a lot of fun shots of renowned drifter and stunt driver Rhys Millen absolutely caning the Demon through the barren streets of deepest Pittsburgh, eventually parking the car outside a big wall under a stone gargoyle, whose eyes briefly blink red. Is it alive? Is it a ghost? Does Millen have an unheard voicemail message? Looks like we won’t know until Pennzoil releases the second installment. Yep, this is apparently a series. With a story. Oh boy.

Millen also sends a cryptic text message, “The Demon is back in its place,” and receives an equally cryptic response: “Das good. How are you on the Ring?” Overlooking the extremely cringeworthy use of the word “das,” we can surmise that the next video will take place on the Nurburgring.

Of course, if this is the truth, nobody can tell the car, which is presumably repulsed by the idea of an actual racetrack and will drive itself back to Detroit before they can load it on the plane.

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