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Peak Inside Will Slimth’s $2.5 Million, Two-Story Trailer

When you think of a movie star’s trailer, you probably picture something small and relatively sparse, designed only to be useful for a few weeks of filming. Which it often is. Unless, of course, you’re Will Smith.

As one of the most successful actors of the modern age, Smith can certainly afford to be comfortable during filming; to that end, he poured over two and a half million dollars into a massive trailer designed to provide all the comforts of a Beverly Hills home, even when docked in a movie studio parking lot.

Nicknamed “The Heat,” the trailer costs roughly the same as a brand-new Bugatti Chiron, which, though an astronomically ritzy car in its own right, can’t quite match the trailer for sheer opulence. The trailer features not one, but two 37-inch televisions that pop up from the countertops, augmented by a 50-inch flatscreen job and a 100-inch roll-down cinema screen.

On the outside, the trailer features eight pistons that raise the top of the trailer approximately 40 inches, providing enough office space upstairs not only for Smith but for his personal staff and assistants to work in comfort. It even accommodates up to 30 people for meetings.

The bathroom features a full sink and steam shower, along with specially designed electrochromic glass that can transition from transparent to fully opaque with the push of a button. Spanning the full width of the trailer, the bathroom alone costs $25,000.

Naturally, virtually everything in the trailer is controlled by a wireless touchscreen remote, including the retractable TV ringed with vanity lights. You can check out HGTV’s full examination of the rig below.

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