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This V12 Quad Turbo Toyota 86 Is the Definition Of Excess

There’s being a car owner who wants more power, then there’s being a car owner who puts too much power into their car, then there’s being a car owner who puts too much power into their car and decides to take it up another notch exponentially. Then there are these guys, who not only take it up many notches but decided that even that wasn’t enough, so they went even further.

My 3-year-old son likes to do this thing where he tries to shove as many goldfish crackers into his mouth as humanly possible, then as soon as he tries to chew, his mouth basically explodes. This Toyota 86 kind of reminds me of that, except with a fun little RWD sportscar and a giant engine that should never be able to work in such a car.

Kk Performance is responsible for this machine, which has a claimed 800 HP (in a Toyota 86!!). The engine is a Toyota Century 5.0L V12 with four huge turbos, two hanging off both sides. The engine was found int he Century which is a limousine and features a 48 valve DOHC engine with variable Valve timing (VVT-i).

First of all, the sound it makes is spectacular. Such a sound should never come from a car like the 86, but yet here we are, staring at a quad turbo V12 with an insane bellow. However, it says in the beginning of the video that “it runs!” I suspect at this point all it does is start up without exploding. I would imagine quite a bit of tuning and other work will be required for it to actually make it from Point A to Point B in a respectable time for its power. In its current state, I can’t even imagine it getting off the line without destroying its axels.

There’s only one question remaining: since it’s a V12, does that mean it gets The American’s seal of approval? Sure it’s a Toyota and he’ll probably scoff at that, but even he has to be intrigued by that engine despite the forced induction.

Tony Hsieh

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