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Clarkson’s Farm: Jeremy Clarkson’s Sidekick Receives High Praise By Diddly Squat Insider

Clarkson’s Farm land agent “Cheerful Charlie” Ireland has spoken about what Kaleb Cooper is like behind the scenes of the show.

Cooper rose to fame on the first season of Jeremy Clarkson’s farming show and very quickly became a fan favourite for his effortless way of putting the Grand Tour host in his place and for not having a care in the world of how famous he is. Fans also loved the relationship between Clarkson and Cooper which was hilarious to watch.

Ireland has described Cooper in an interview, he said:

“Kaleb, everybody enjoys his straight talking. He is not so dissimilar off camera or in real life. He is just a really good hardworking young man. He’s got really good ideas.

“He just wants to be a farm contractor wants to buy his own farm. I have tried to point out that he’ll make a much better return from his money if he doesn’t buy a farm and just stays with the farm contracting. But yeah, he’s really keen on owning that. And he worked for Howard Pauling, the contractor that retired.”

Ireland continued to discuss his working relationship with Kaleb as well as Clarkson’s:

“So in effect, he was already on the farm. I’d worked with him for three years while he was working for Howard. He did most of the stuff. Very easy to get on with, very good communicator, doesn’t think actually he knows it all off camera. He’s very easy, really good to work with.

“They have a great relationship. I think they, well, one respects the other. I’ll let you be the judge of who respects who. They enjoy farming together. They enjoy what’s going on.”

Prime Video and Clarkson have just announced that the second series of Clarkson’s Farm will be released on 10th February 2023, as well as confirming that there will be a third season which filming has already started for.

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