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Volkswagen Has Changed Its Name To ‘Voltswagen’ – (UPDATE)


It’s now been confirmed that Volkswagen America released false statements about the name change to Voltswagen. After confirming that this name change was sincere earlier this week, company spokesperson Mark Gillies has now admitted that it was simply an April Fool’s joke, albeit it a few days early. This has resulted in several media outlets showing their annoyance, with several journalists taking to Twitter to pen their distaste.

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It’s true, it’s not an early April Fools joke, Volkswagen has officially changed its name to Voltswagen in America.

Scott Keogh, president and CEO of Voltswagen of America said the following in an official announcement of the name change:

“We might be changing out our K for a T, but what we aren’t changing is this brand’s commitment to making best-in-class vehicles for drivers and people everywhere.

“The idea of a ‘people’s car’ is the very fabric of our being. We have said, from the beginning of our shift to an electric future, that we will build EVs for the millions, not just millionaires.

“This name change signifies a nod to our past as the peoples’ car and our firm belief that our future is in being the peoples’ electric car.”

Now, VW will openly differentiate between its ICE vehicles and EVs. ICE vehicles will continue to wear the standard VW badge, while EVs will wear a ‘Voltswagen’ badge on their exterior. If you visit the VW site (American), you’ll find that this new branding has already been plastered over the website. The company’s social media has also changed to reflect the new branding.

“The tone of Voltswagen will be a consistent thread between the branded communications for our growing electric fleet to our gas vehicles. Over the course of the next few months, you will see the brand transition at all consumer touch points,” Senior Vice President of Voltswagen of America Brand Marketing Kimberley Gardiner revealed.

With the company having a very small history with all-electric vehicles so far with the Golf-e and the ID.4 being its only real claims to the EV market, we’re very interested to see what VW does to make its name a reality. This, at least, proves its intent on an all-electric future. Very exciting.

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