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Edd China Reveals His New Car Show In New Video Coming Later This Week

It’s been a long time since we heard anything on Edd China getting back on the screen since he left Mike Brewer and Wheeler Dealers over three years ago. He had a few pilots such as Edd China’s Garage Revival that were featured on YouTube, but nothing ever came from it. That was until now, with the celebrity mechanic now revealing his latest project.

Edd China’s Workshop Diaries has now begun with the trailer, embedded below.

“It’s all about hanging out in the workshop, fixing things, working on various projects, learning some new skills, exploring stuff, and talking to some interesting and inspiring people about their passions and their projects.”

He goes on to say that he’ll also be helping out people who are stuck with their projects at home, while also visiting the very best experts in the field to dive into how they do what they do, although it won’t just be limited to cars. It seems as though these episodes will vary hugely from one to another, with anything mechanical that they can get their hands on being featured from cars to planes.

With the first episode launching on Edd China’s YouTube channel this Friday April 2nd, we’re more than exited to see what comes from it.

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