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Watch A Driver Lose Control While Parallel Parking Before Driving The Wrong Way Down A Tunnel

In the UK, if you’re asked to do a parallel park during your driving test, you’ll fail. That’s it. You won’t be allowed on the road without someone with real driving experience with you, and only recently has the government allowed learners to drive on the motorway.

Of course, there’s only a small chance that you’ll be asked for this on your test, so sometimes people can slip through who maybe don’t have the skills or experience to pull one off.

This video wasn’t shot in the UK, but it’s safe to say this driver shouldn’t be on the road as we watch them try to park between a Cadillac CTS and a Toyota Prius C.

We join the video deep into the attempt at parking, as the driver makes their way very slowly back into the space. The angle is off though, but this becomes a moot point as they suddenly slam on the accelerator hitting the car behind and slamming the side of their car into a wall.

You’d think the video would come to an end here, but they shift into a forward gear and veer off into a tunnel on the opposite side of the road where chaos ensues. we can’t see quite what happens here but one car is shoved to the side before coming to a stop. We can then see smoke, or maybe dust, coming from the apparent wreckage.

We don’t know what caused this sudden craziness. If anything, the driver of the car could have been in trouble. Maybe they had a seizure or heart attack behind the wheel. Or maybe they’re just very bad at driving.

I suppose it’s too early to judge, but I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to be around when that went down.

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