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Aston Martin Reveals Its 2022 Formula 1 Car And Livery With Drastic Changes

Aston Martin has unveiled their 2022 Formula 1 car, which will be driven by Lance Stroll and four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel. The AMR22 is the third livery to be introduced before the 2022 F1 Series.

Aston Martin, despite being the third F1 car livery to be revealed this year, is the only one to make any significant changes to its car, removing the contrasting pink and instead, using the yellow that can be seen on the F1 Edition Aston Martin Vantage. This signifies the loss of the BWT sponsor but will look amazing with the yellow-accented tyres.

Where the JCB logo sat on the rear wing now features more yellow accenting, with even more running down the edge of the centre fin. On top of this, there’s more carbon fibre accenting, too.

While this is all very exciting, Aston Martin is actually the first team to show the livery on their 2022 car. Red Bull showed off their new livery on an F1 show car, and Haas use something similar to its new car but only a rendering. This car by the British company is exactly the car they’ll be racing in. It’s fair to say, they’ve seen everyone’s hand, and they’re throwing all the chips to the middle of the table.

Yes, it’s possible the car will undergo slight changes as they continue development and stop teams from taking inspiration, but this exact car will be heading to Silverstone circuit today for a shakedown.

So, as we can see the car, let’s discuss.

The front wing is a lot simpler this year with longer lines and straighter edges. To the side, the sidepod intakes are square and unpainted to hide their shape, but to the outside of the pods sit large pieces of carbon fibre. Judging by the poorly shaped body panel, I’m wondering whether these may be popped out in testing to reveal a larger intake. Slightly further back on the sidepod sit a number of vents – something we’re yet to see on other cars.

The rear wing is very straight similar to the front wing, but it’s difficult to see how this design will lend itself to DRS.

I’m very excited to see this thing hit the tarmac, especially with the talent of Lance Stroll and Sebastian Vettel behind the wheel. But with a tighter grip around how much teams can spend on their cars, this could be a very interesting season.

Roll on March 20.

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