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Watch As A Smart Car J-Turn Goes Horrible Wrong

What happens when you cross a J turn and a Smart Car? The answer is not a joke, rather a complete and utter write off and probably a good portion of whiplash too.

In this video footage posted to the Hoons-Burnout’s Street Racing Australia Facebook page, the video starts in a car park at night and a Smart Car racing away from the camera. I get that people like to show off in their cars, but why this driver has decided to show off in THAT car I don’t know.

The driver proceeds to stop at the end of the car park, whacks his Smart Car into reverse and begins to bring it back towards the car, to be fair to the driver, they are reversing at speeds which I have seldom seen in a Smart Car prior to this fateful day.

The driver then begins the process of executing their J Turn, an incredibly different manoeuvre which only the finest Smart Car driver could possibly pull off. In doing so, the budding stunt driver manages to flip his little vehicle and it begins to role on its side.

The car stops its path of destruction on its side and in quite the state. The sunroof has come off and all the wheels are smashed. Its difficult to see from the video the full extent of the damage, but from this end, I would assume it would be a total insurance write off.

So what have we learned from todays lesson kids? Yes, don’t try to J turn a Smart Car, the car’s shape is very top heavy, its so light and its just not designed for it. Take a look at the full video here:

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