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Watch Emelia Hartford’s 1,500HP Buick Regal Roar To Life

Emelia Hartford has almost come out of nowhere with her huge YouTube channel and amazing content, and now she’s wowed us once again only a few weeks after she revealed her Chevrolet Corvette C8 to be the quickest in the world. Her latest video features a car that isn’t quite as new but still wears an American badge, and of course, it has four-digit horsepower. This is her Buick Regal that used to belong to her Grandma, but now it’s destined for the drag strip with a nickname of Grim Regal.

A lot has been done to the car, as Emelia has documented in previous videos, including a lot of fab work, some basic maintenance, oh… and a new engine. It’s now powered by a Goliath twin-turbo LS. Now, the talented YouTuber has given herself only a couple of weeks before its maiden voyage to LS fest. This recent video shows the engine going and its first startup.

There were a few issues as they tried to squeeze the engine in, including an aftermarket clutch issue and an incorrect pilot bearing. But finally, the engine made its way into the car and a hood placed down on top of it. But the best bit of the video comes when they light the baby up and it starts spitting flames like an outdoor fire pit we recently featured that was made from an engine. It’s rather loud, and looks great sat within the old Buick. Hopefully, Emelia will be able to squeeze the power she wants from it, but judging by her recent videos, she’ll get it there just fine.

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