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Watch English Flooding Destroy Over-Confident Drivers’ Cars

A low-pressure weather pattern across much of Europe generated cooler-than-normal temperatures and substantial rainfall, causing flooding in plenty of areas across the continent. This, of course, leads to more drivers feeling brave as they push their vehicles through large amounts of water. According to recent research, approximately 74 per cent of people would risk driving through floodwater at one particular spot in the United Kingdom.

The BENGREGERS channel on YouTube has a new video going viral, with dozens of vehicles attempting to pass the Rufford Mill ford in North Nottinghamshire. Just a few of the attempts are successful, coming mostly from delivery vans and buses. Nearly every normal passenger car gets stuck in the water or suffers from a flooded engine thanks to the deep waters. Yeah, it’s safe to say it’s a painful video to watch.

This, it turns out, is one of the worst parts of England when it comes to flooding:

“For much of the year, the ford is just a couple of inches deep so it presents no problem whatsoever,” Andrew Cox, general manager of a wedding venue near Rufford’s ford, told the BBC.

“But there’s a lot of run-off from the surrounding countryside so the ford can go as deep as five feet and becomes impassable. Highways England put up signs warning people the road is closed but sometimes people choose to ignore them.”

Some drivers seem to think that the faster they approach the ford, the more likely they are of reaching the other side of the water. In fact, and this video is proof, many vehicles sustain significant engine damage as a result of such a high starting speed. A good looking white BMW 3 Series wagon can be seen at the beginning of the video, which was towed by a Mercedes-Benz X-Class because it had been damaged. Then to add insult to injury, the car was then towed while in park. Ouch.

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