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Watch The Ferrari Purosangue SUV Rip Up A Racing Track

We’ve been waiting for Ferrari to let us in on how things are going with its upcoming SUV, the Ferrari Purosangue. The company has been rather hush hush about it, but now YouTuber Varryx has spotted the car in camouflage being thrown around the marque’s test track, Fiorano, and it looks like it’s pretty quick.

Albeit it not looking as fast as the usual Ferrari lineup, with a Ferrari test driver behind the wheel, it can sure move. The brakes are hot coming into a corner, to the point of them glowing red, and the car slides out of a corner under power.

Thankfully, it doesn’t really look like an SUV from what we can see through the camo. Instead, it looks like a bulbous hatchback. This is of course to keep weight and the centre of gravity low, and to also differentiate it from the hundreds of other SUVs on offer from the industry. Underneath the body sits a modified Roma chassis, and because of this, it’s quite likely that hybrid technology is being used alongside the twin-turbo V8.

It’s safe to say our interest has been increased, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing more of this as development goes on.

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