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Watch The Polestar 1 Do Big Quiet Snow Drifts

How many configurations of anti-roll bar did your car go through when it was being tested, huh? Don’t know? Well, then it wasn’t enough to mention in a promotional video, that’s for sure. Unlike the Polestar 1, which can be seen in the below video doing snow testing, and going through many, many anti-roll bars.

This bucket of Swedish magnificence is the first car from Volvo’s freshly spun-off Polestar sub-brand, and it’s powered by a dinky little turbocharged four-cylinder and a couple electric motors for a frankly ridiculous grand total of 600 horsepower. From a four-cylinder. That isn’t a riced ’98 Civic. I am assuming it’s in electric mode in this video, or that’s the quietest four-banger I’ve ever heard in my life.

The Polestar is supposed to be a big, smooth grand tourer and will be available around 2020, offered both with a subscription model and the option to buy the car outright, though the latter only happened because of some disgruntled potential buyers complaining. You’ll likely need well-equipped 911 money, or perhaps a base S-Class Coupe, but if it’s as good as the other recent Volvos have been you won’t have any regrets.

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