Man Assaults Biker For Lane Splitting – Instantly Regrets It

In my country lane splitting is perfectly legal. Most, not all, drivers will even move over to allow a biker to pass.

In Arizona, it’s illegal to lane split, but this biker did it anyway with his girlfriend. It turns out this was a dangerous manoeuvre, not in regards to other cars on the roads, but the drivers instead.

A 51 year old male followed them to a red light then took it upon himself to deal out the punishment, assaulting both the rider and his girlfriend. What he wasn’t expecting though, was the biker’s defense.

Swiftly, the driver was on the floor (with a rather Smeagel-like look on his face) and explaining that he thought it was okay for him to punch the biker because he lane split.

When the police arrived, they smelt alcohol on his breath and it was found out that he’d been drinking earlier in the day. He was arrested with a broken ankle and abrasions on his fists. He really hurt his ego that day, too.

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