Rumour: Dodge Challenger Could Lose Its V8 To A Turbocharged 2.9-Litre 6-Cylinder

There have been rumours of a new inline-6 engine from Stellantis for a few months now. With the aim to keep emissions to a minimum, this 2.9-litre engine was designed for global markets, but now another rumour has started swirling.

A new report from StellPower brings us the idea that a turbo version of this new engine could be found in a replacement Dodge Challenger, and while this makes sense in a world that is seeking new and cleaner ways to power cars, this actually makes us very sad.

Of course, this rumour must not be taken as truth just yet. The source is anonymous, but they told StellPower that Stellantis would be looking to use this new GME T6 engine in place of the current 5.7-litre V8 current found under the hood of the American muscle car. In fact, this would be the first car to use such a powertrain.

The current V8 used in the Challenger R/T creates 375 horsepower, so we’d expect a replacement model to produce just as much, maybe more. In comparison, BMW’s six-cylinder creates upwards of 500 horsepower with a couple of turbos, so it’s not an impossible task. Although making a sound similar to that of a V8 is almost impossible, and is something we’ll miss very much if this rumour is true.

We’re unlikely to find out more until Dodge is ready to break the news itself, but if this turn out to be true, I’d be very interested to see how Mopar fans react.

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